Wanderer, drifter, hunter


Not much is known of her mortal life, suposedly she is of low birth, from some fishing village in the north of Sweden. She was taken violently by Haakon and given eternal life, she was Haakon’s thrall until he chased her away ater a row that none except them two knows the cause. Astird roams the expanse of Karelia since the end of 18th century, from the White sea in the far North, down to the shores of Lake Ladoga in the south. Astird is a loner that lives under the looaming shadow of Inyanga. Inyanga tolerates her, and Astird repays her hospitality with servitude.

Although cold and distant, Inyanga gave a purpose to her drifting existance, and even though a loner, she Counts as a part of Karelian Gangrel brood, and makes appearences at Inyanga’s Things.

In the wilds, Astird is cunnig as afox and fast as a hawk, she knows Karelia, every stream, every lake, every hamlet.

Iin 1985., after Inyanga came back from her slumber, Astird tried geting closer to Jacobs court with the intent of going to the Camarilla’s Conclave. She got captured by Prince and his coterie around Sipoo, where she, along with Kowa, attacked the haven of Montreal Sabbat pack. Jacob kept her in captivity for many Long nights, until he released her to Inyanga upon her demand. Astird was destroyed by Kowa via diablerie on Ajti’s direct order.


  • Ennoia (3) (mortal child of Lillith, childe of Zilla)
  • Odin aka Allfather (4) (Father of the north, progenitor of Valkyrie bloodline, fate unknown)
  • Ulfsdottir (5) (first Valkyrie, probably destroyed, according to multiple accounts)
  • Brunnhilde (6) (aka Byrnhild, obedient daughter of Odin, Odin’s hand, fate unknown)
  • Haakon Mortensen aka Grey Wolf (7), sire (active somewhere in Scandinavia)


Astird is an older Gangrel ancilla on Inyanga’s teritory. She has no interest in Camarilla politics, and so she is not well known outside Karelia.


Central Karelia, she roams from the White sea in the far North, down to the shores of Lake Ladoga, and the Gulf of Finland in the south.






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