The Voice of Inyanga


With a dark, sullen figure, face eternally framed in wet, raven hair and ever clad in a perfume of petrichor and cadaverine, Barnabus is not a pleasant event to experience. This ancient ancilla, the Voice of Inyanga, is interwoven into Camarilla’s basket of intrigue by the mandate of his (in)famous sire, who trusts him to enact her will.
Nowadays, Barnabus – who’s service takes him from the great courts of western Europe to the cold eastern lands of Minsk, Kiev, St. Petersbourgh, Volgograd, Moscow and other Soviet Collegiates – often plays the role of a trusted herald and mediator between various Collegiates as well as the wider Camarilla.



After the death of Brunni the Bear, Barnabus sent his childe, Kowa, to monitor the Helsinki court and ensure Inyanga’s domain of Karelia. Folowing Pyotr’s demise, a jet black raven feather, Barnabus’ calling card, can oft be seen hanging from a particular branch of a particular tree in Korkeasaari.


  • Ennoia (3) (the mortal child of Lillith, the childe of Zillah)
  • Odin the Allmighty (4) (Father of the North, the progenitor of the Valkyrian line, fate unknown)
  • Marcus Sextus, Esenkofu (5) (called “sired-in-error”, destroyed by his childe – Inyanga)
  • Inyanga (5-6), sire (the White Death, a prolific elder „ruling“ Karelia)


While Barnabus’ nature is that of a traveler, he still holds the dual titles of an honorary primogen in Siegfried’s Berlin council and an observer for the Moscow Collegiate.


Stalking when he can, this peregrin of the night claims the right to hunt throught his sire’s domain, Karelia.




Unknown. Likely has many claims gained mediating the interactions of the Berlin and Moscow houses of power.


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