The Dreams that Fiends Dream

Tragic are these characters 
The orphans of the night, the lords, the predators
Each craving a part, a moment on the cloaked stage
What miserable, what gilded costumes those spiderwebs do carry
Those strands on their elbows, their shoulders, their fangs

Who tugs on those?
Fiends from beyond dreams
Who tugs on those?
Fiends from beneath the earth, the ice, the void!

Tragic are we characters
The orphans of the night, the passing lords, the lethargic predators,
But who are we to comprehend the dreams of a Fiend?

Pappa Clio, (e.1721., s. Pomerius), from Fait Diabolique, c.1892.


The shadow the Sword of Cain had cast over Scandinavia is looming over the lands of Karelia.

It has been nearly 30 years since the infamous Stockholm bath of 1956., where Ilmar, once Giangallazo's Templar, was named the Cardinal of Stockholm, the new capitol of his ideology. Baptized before a congregation of the local packs, Ilmar then also entered a very public alliance with the growing Gehenna cult, led by an old, local beast – Iudex Hilsfrid - all in an attempt to quickly paint the Baltic purple, before the coming Noddist apocalypse. 

Present day, in early 1984., after the recent conversion of a once-independent Talin, the eye of Ilmar's storm now glares north, at the city of Helsinki, once a foreguard of the "New Dream" of St. Petersbourg.  The local ancillae, lead by the acting Prince, Jacob Whitfield - a London Ventrue - are just beginning to fill the power-vacuum left by the former Prince upon his scandalous demise, oblivious to the sheer volume of dread that has befallen them.

Hilsfrid, the ancient Scandinavian Sabbat, declares herself the Archbishop of Helsinki in a grand blood bath attended by numerous local packs. A cautious predator, she rallied various allies in anticipation of the coming strike - after decades of waiting, her long game is coming to a conclusion.

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