Matriarch of Sankt Petersburg KOMSOMOL


Anjelica survived the embarrassment and destruction of her sire, Dr. Takuya Shiraiwa, during Dougan’s purges. The leftovers were gently picked up by Ilyana Ravidović. Anjelica, together with Pavel, (until his demise in Helsinki in 1984.) is the core of [[:ilyana-ravidovi | Ilyana’s] inner circle – trough her she get the whifs of Arjun’s power.

AS Ilyana, Anjelica is a passionate chess player, and like her sire she is a calculating idealist, often swallowing her rage in search for an optimal sollution. She prefers keeping close contact with her kine family and numerous contacts in Sankt Petersburg KOMSOMOL – asserting herself as a true russian matriarch.


Anjelica followed Ilyana to Finland’s capital city in the ‘70s as a veteran witness to the rule of terror imposed by Pjotr there.Slowly she rises through the ranks of Helsinki’s power structure tip-toeing in Ilyana’s shadow. After Callysta’s betrayal was discovered, and Pjotr was destroyed, Illyana leaves Helsinki much diminished, and Anjelica leaves with her. Now her fate is bound to Illyana’s even tighter.


  • Brujah (3) (destroyed via ammaranth by his own childer, Troile)
  • Troile (4-3) (diablerist, fate unknown)
  • Hannibal (4) (fate unknown)
  • Samal (5) (fate unknown)
  • Dominic (6) (famous carthagian kindred, progenitor of the dominican bloodline, probably in torpor)
  • Marhuel (7) (promethean Brujah zealot, resided in Prague for a long time, fate unknown)
  • Ecatarina the wise (8) (diablerist, bishop of New Yorka, Sabbat, probably in torpor)
  • Leonid Barofsky (9) (Colleague of Stalingrad, destroye during the Homeland war of 1941.)
  • Dr. Takuya Shiraiwa (10) sire (destroyed during Dougan’s purges)


Anjelica is confidante of Ilyana Ravidović, chidle of Arjun. All of her kindred status trickles down from that relationship.


Unknown teritory in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg). And after 1984. completely unkonown teritory.


Unknown, supposed contacts among the youth chess clubs of Leningrad, and among ker own kine lineage (largely proletariate of Leningrad).




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