The Iron Prince


Supposedly he was created as a mortal comitatenses, Ionius Germanicus Galba, under the walls of Vindabona in 5th century by fangs of Antonius’s own childer Caius. Without any interests in the dreams of his creator (a link neither Caius nor Antonius sealed with blood) Centurion roams the kingdoms born from the rotting body of a dying empire, avoiding the political fallout of the War of princes. Nearing the end of first millenium his gaze falls on the budding new Norwegian kingdom in the far north, and he decides to make it his own. So begins Centurion’s strugle with the local kindred community gathered around the Serpent’s temple and its black priest Seetha. After a few centuries of bitter strugles, Centurion destroyed Seetha, dismantled his temple, stone by bloody stone, and salted the earth around it. Remains of the cult retreated in to the mountains above Trondheim – stalking the isolated communities of mountain folk.

Centurion holds Oslo in an iron grip of his brood, and his power reaches as far as Coppenhagen, on the very doorstep of Hardestadt’s fief. Centurion tolerates Wiklund, the prince of Stockholm, considering him a junior partner in their dealings. In a neofeudal philosophy, Centurion rules up until the eve of 20th century when the ancient metusaleh enters a period of ‘’Long silence’’.

Ilmar’s cruseda took a hefty toll on Centurion’s immortal creation which lived trough the Anarch revolt and the birth of Camarilla. His own childe Corvus slinked back to Oslo after an unsuccesfull defense of Coppenhagen, while, his ‘’eternal amicus“, prince Wiklund, was destroyed in the heart of Stockholm. Gathered in Oslo, Centurions brood, so called Steel triumvirate is leading the defense in the face of Illmar’s Sabbat owerwhelming numbers.


- Ventrue (3) (childe of Enoch)

- Antonius (4) (one of the First triumvirate, destroyed by his progeny Caius and Septim)

- Caius , sire (5) (conspirator aginst his sire Antonius, destroyed by Enimachia in the IV. Crusades)


Centurion is a reclusive kindred who, like Mithras grudgingly sides with Camarilla, but doesn’t participate in the political malversations. Centurion is an ancient kindred who considers most of Norway, Denmark and Sweden his own domain.

Centurion, with the help of deft diplomacy on his Senechal Peter’s part carries the clan title -
‘’Strategos of Scandinavia’’.


So called Courts of Iron, before Illmar’s crusade, he ’’protected’’ many towns in modern day Norway, Denmark and Sweden, but in latter nights his fiefs dwindled down to Oslo and Trondheim.


Supposedly huge resources in kine world, vassal princes honoured Centurion with ‘’Iron tribute’’ of unknown value, but the rumors had it as gold coins at first, then later as golden buillions.


Unknown. Probably small to non-existant outside the Courts of iron.


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